GOT7’s Jay B Reveals He Doesn’t Understand Why Fans Love Him

We can think of endless reasons to why we love him!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently sat down with THE STAR and answered several questions regarding him and his career!

During his interview, Jay B was asked if he’s ever thought about why Ahgases like him so much.

Though fans could name a bunch of reasons, Jay B revealed he really doesn’t understand why.

Q: Have you thought about why fans like you?

Of course, I thought about it so much, but I couldn’t understand it. Something like, ‘Why? I’m not even popular among my friends.’

— Jay B

Though Jay B couldn’t think of any reason as to why fans would like him, the interview asked him to come up with at least one reason. Jay B guessed it could be due to his hard work!

To be honest, I’ve done every stage with my best unless I’m sick. For 10 years, I can be very confident with this. I’ve never done my stage roughly since performing on stage is my job that I like and I believe that I have to appreciate that I can do what I like as my job.

— Jay B

In addition to working hard for his Ahgase, Jay B shared that he worked hard for his own future as well

Also, I’m so sure that I’ve done every stage with my best since I believed that I need to do what I must do with my best effort in order to do what I wanna do in the future.

— Jay B

Check out the interview below: