GOT7’s Jay B Friendzones Ahgase In Online Fanmeeting But Calls Them His “Best Friend”

He just wants to be besties.

It’s practically impossible not to fall in love with any of the GOT7 members. And with Jay B‘s latest song, “B.T.W,” the vibe is incredibly sexy.

Jay B’s “B.T.W” MV | H1GHR MUSIC/YouTube

So, when given a chance in an online fanmeeting, an Ahgase took her shot and asked Jay B to pick a word to complete his lyrics for them. For his line from B.T.W, “24 everyday, you are my…,” he was given the option to choose between “baby” or “best friend.”

Jay B in online fanmeeting.

Without hesitation, he chose “best friend!” Jay B was really like, “bestie vibes only.”

Oh! We’re best friends.

— Jay B

He emphasized that when he sings affectionate terms like “baby,” it is really just lyrics. His relationship with Ahgase is that of best friends!

Lyrics only. Just ‘babe,’ just ‘baby.’ We’re just best friend.

— Jay B

But, honestly, hear us out… Being friendzoned by Jay B isn’t the worst possible thing if it means you get to be best friends with him!

This also wouldn’t be the first time he friendzoned Ahgases. One time during a live broadcast, an Ahgase commented, asking him to marry them. He turned them down, saying that that he was just their singer. Similarly, he also said that he could be a friend but not a boyfriend.

We can always count on Jay B to keep delulu in check.

Watch a clip from Jay B’s online fanmeeting below:


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