GOT7’s Jay B Reveals His New Habit Before Bed, And It Is Surprisingly Heartwarming


When it comes to spilling secrets and TMI about their lives, it seems as if K-Pop idols pay a visit to Eric Nam and DIVE Studios Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. The most recent guest was GOT7‘s leader Jay B!

GOT7’s Jay B | Instagram

During the episode, Jay B discussed everything from his latest album, what it was like after leaving JYP, and which of the GOT7 members he speaks to the most. In particular, Eric Nam mentioned how lonely it must feel promoting solo, compared to being in a group.

Of course, it must be very different being with six other members, compared to alone. It seems as if Jay B feels it, and it has meant that he has picked up an interesting habit before going to bed. As always, before he goes to bed, Jay B has a way of unwinding.

I’ll be at home, and sometimes when I can’t sleep, I usually have a glass of whiskey or a glass of wine.

— Jay B

Yet, it was what he did when he was relaxed in bed that caught the attention of fans and made them feel surprisingly soft and emotional.

When I start to get buzzed, I’ll be lying in bed but, instead of searching for my personal videos, I find myself searching old GOT7 videos. I start searching for it without even realizing it.

— Jay B

Like most Ahgases, whenever Jay B watches the tracks, he added that he becomes nostalgic. He explained, “I’ll be going, ‘Ah those were the days,’ and, ‘Ah, it was fun back then.‘”

Yet, it wasn’t the performances themselves that stuck in Jay B’s memory, but something more meaningful that focused on the members.

I’ll be remembering, not the memory of the performance we did, but the memory of things we did behind the stage. I’d be thinking of those episodes and would be chuckling to myself, ‘This was so much fun.’

— Jay B

Although Jay B added that he would then suddenly turn his phone off and wonder why he was being so “wimpy,” it showcases just how much he loves and cherishes the other members. Even though he meets the members often and explained this, he explains that it feels very different from doing group activities all of the time.

As expected, it was a very heartwarming thing and, although Jay B might find it weird, it is nice to know just how much he thinks about the members! You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: DIVE Studios