GOT7’s Jay B Opens Up About The Hardships Of Leaving JYP Entertainment And More

“This is where the real work of a leader begins…”

GOT7’s Jay B recently participated in a pictorial and an interview for Arena Homme Plus magazine’s April issue.

The pictorial was bold and sensual as Jay B took photos in and beside a swimming pool as well as clothed in a shower.

He began the interview by discussing leaving JYP Entertainment and the future of GOT7.

We all shared our opinions about leaving together and doing something on our own. I took responsibility for the whole process with the new record label and we released the single ‘Encore’ not too long ago. I was proud to do something that was different than what I’d done before. The single showed that we didn’t disband, so the next step is even more important. When we left JYP, CEO Jung Wook told me, ‘This is where the real work of a leader begins.’ I’ve since realized the truth of his words.

—Jay B

He continued by saying that when he previously promoted as GOT7, he often wondered if he was taking his benefits for granted. Now he thinks about all the work that goes into scheduled events, albums, songs, and more, realizing how hard it is. “It’s the mindset of wanting to start back at the bottom and be humble.” He shared, “…the amount of knowledge I had was limited, and I was afraid that the gap would be too large to overcome if I left the agency. But I knew that the gap would only grow wider if I stayed…

Jay B has had many different names throughout his career. His real name is Im Jae Beom, and because of his first name, he promoted himself in GOT7 as JB. He has also released music under Def. and has recently changed his stage name to Jay B.

I want to show a hip hop/R&B style with a popular appeal through Jay B, while I do the things I want to as Def. Def. is a b-boying name that I used before I became a trainee, so just like I’ve been doing until now, I could release mixtapes under that name, or open a photography exhibition, or some other fictional work. I want to work naturally at both the things that I have to do and the things I want to do.

—Jay B

He ended the interview with a powerful statement about his future.

I want to continue doing things that can leave a message while I’m alive. I believe there is no next life. I am trying to live my best at this time, so I don’t regret it.

—Jay B

Source: X Sports News and Arena Homme Plus