GOT7’s Jay B Reveals His Members’ Reaction To Him Signing With H1GHR MUSIC

They really are a family!

It was recently announced that GOT7‘s Jay B had signed with Jay Park‘s record label H1GHR MUSIC. As a treat to fans, the label released a special interview with the two musicians.

During the video, Jay Park asked Jay B how the people around him felt when he told them he was signing with H1GHR MUSIC, particularly his fellow GOT7 members.

Jay B explained that they were initially skeptical about the decision, which seemed to shock Jay Park.

They did congratulate me because I was trying to make the best choice for myself. They’ve seen me go back and forth with this decision many times.

— Jay B

Jay B was one of the last members to find a new home after GOT7 chose not to resign with JYP Entertainment. It was because of this that the members became worried that he would change his mind again.

They congratulated me but were uncertain at the same time because of me.

— Jay B

Luckily, GOT7 doesn’t have to worry as Jay B seems to be in safe hands with a label that wants him to thrive as a soloist while continuing to shine in the group.

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: H1GHR MUSIC and FI