GOT7 Jay B’s Mom Sends Heartwarming Message To Youngjae On His Radio Show, Proving They Are All Family

“No wonder Jaebom is so sweet and kind.”

Ahgases can’t get over the heartwarming message that Youngjae received on his radio show, “Best Friend.” Because it wasn’t just any message—it was from Jay B‘s mom! This touching moment proves that the members of GOT7 really are like family.

In her message, Jay B’s mom introduced herself saying, “I’m mom. Can you guess whose mom I am?” Youngjae did not need a second guess, as he straight away knew she was Jay B’s.

Fans were already touched by the fact the fact that he immediately recognized her…

…but it was worse when she left the sweetest message for him, saying that she was proud of how Youngjae had grown up and that she hoped to see him do well in his radio show for a long time.

Of course, Youngjae had the most appreciative and respectful reply!

Ahgases can’t get over this wholesome interaction…

…because it’s only the latest proof that they’re all one big family.

It’s also all the more touching since GOT7 has been spending quite a bit of time together recently, and is reportedly making a comeback this year (news that already had Ahgases in meltdown).

Plus, fans are now sure exactly where Jay B got his kind disposition from!

Hopefully we’ll get to see plenty more sweet interactions between GOT7 and their families pretty soon! And in the meantime, Ahgases will likely get to enjoy plenty of spoilers when BamBam goes on “Best Friend” in next week’s episode!