GOT7’s Jay B And MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Wore The Same Designer Outfit But Served Different Vibes

This brand was made for them.

GOT7‘s Jay B and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk are both wildly talented and handsome men. They both recently wore the same Burberry outfit, and looked amazing while doing it!

Jay B looks extremely good in suits…

GOT7’s Jay B |

…but his everyday wear is just as nice! While he wears a variety of styles, he usually tones it down with his simple street wear.


Minhyuk often sports fancy attire for events and music shows…

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk | @go5rae/Instagram

…but his style is usually more experimental. His artistic side shines through his clothing.

| @go5rae/Instagram

Recently, as part of an ad campaign, both Jay B and Minhyuk took to Instagram to promote the British luxury fashion brand, Burberry.

They wore the classic Pimlico Heritage Car Coat. Softly tailored and straight cut, the coat is lined with Burberry’s classic check pattern.

Pimlico Heritage Car Coat | Burberry

They also wore the Sub High-Top Sneakers in black and white, a shoe inspired by scuba diving footwear.

Sub High-Top Sneakers in black and white | Burberry

Jay B looked mysterious with his long, dark hair. He paired the outfit with the Small Quilted Lola Bag.


He popped his collar to reveal the iconic Burberry pattern.


Minhyuk looked dreamy in his version of the outfit.

| @go5rae/Instagram

He wore the Sleeveless Slogan Print Cotton Poplin Shirt which added to the high fashion affect.

| @go5rae/Instagram

They both wore tailored pants. Though the outfits are very similar, they each exude a different energy. While Jay B is smoldering, Minhyuk is pensive.

Either way, they both pass as models and meld into Burberry’s designs. Jay B fits the classic and simple styling, while Minhyuk meshed with the more exploratory designs. One thing’s for certain, they look absolutely incredible!


Source: Burberry

Same Fit, Different Vibes