GOT7’s Jay B’s Name Change Sparks Funny Dilemma For Fans

“Opps…wrong JB.” — BamBam

Following GOT7‘s new journey to continue to forge their own path together, leader Jay B has decided to start fresh by changing his stage name from JB.

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From his Instagram and Twitter handles to his profile on all music platforms, he’s made the change final. In the process, it’s created a funny problem for fans.

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When he used the two-letter name JB, not only did fans run into Justin Beiber during their searches—like BamBam cracked fans up by doing—but different spellings of his name like Jaebum and Jaebeom would cause confusion.

With Jay B being his new name, fans now won’t know whether to search for Jay B or JB to get everything they need. Considering all four names, Ahgases are having a laugh at their new dilemma.

Regardless of the means, nothing can keep fans apart from Jay B—not even a few letters.