GOT7’s Jay B Reveals Which Artist He Wants To Collaborate With In The Future

Someone make this happen!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently sat down in an interview with THE STAR on their YouTube channel and answered various questions about his career!

One of those was whether there was a particular artist he wanted to collaborate with in the future! Jay B explained that, even though he thought it was impossible, he wanted to collaborate with soloist IU!

A person who has a tone I like is IU! It might be impossible…

Luckily, THE STAR gave him an opportunity to send a message to IU in the hope that she would watch and make a collaboration happen!

I’m going to do my best. If you like my song, I would appreciate it so much if you would feature on my song.

It might have been short, but it was adorable, and you could see how shy Jay B was! Hopefully, IU will watch the message and contact Jay B so fans of both artists can have this dream collaboration!

You can watch the rest of the interview below!