GOT7’s Jay B Gives The Best Fan Service To A Lucky Ahgase During A Staring Contest

It was enough to make any K-Pop fan faint!

GOT7‘s Jay B stopped by the BuzzFeed UK headquarters before his concert in London to surprise blindfolded fans by having a staring contest with them.

GOT7’s Jay B | BuzzFeed UK/YouTube

Most of the Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7’s official fandom) that participated in the video blinked as soon as they saw Jay B’s handsome face. There were many adorable moments of shy handshakes, and the room was filled with blushing faces.

Almost all of them were also left speechless seeing their bias in real life, but one fan named Chloe boldly bantered with the singer despite also being completely flustered.

She even went so far as to ask Jay B if he was nervous about meeting her!

Not to be outdone, Jay B used a secret technique that would make any K-Pop fan faint. He leaned into Chloe’s face while staring into her eyes! Still confident as ever, Chloe leaned in closer to him as well! Jay B had to laugh and admire her incredible poise.

Eventually, Chloe had to leave the set so the next participant could come in, but not before she thanked the producer for the best surprise an Ahgase could ask for.

Watch the whole video below. Jay B and Chloe have their epic staring contest at the 0:55 mark.


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