They Might Be Tom And Jerry, But No One Loves GOT7’s BamBam More Than Jay B

BamBam is Jay B’s (not so) secret favorite.

GOT7‘s Jay B and BamBam are famous for their Tom-and-Jerry relationship, with BamBam never passing up the opportunity to tease his precious leader.

No matter where Jay B goes, BamBam somehow appears, and while Jay B usually reacts with exasperation, he can never hide his smile.

Jay B will be holding three concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, from October 14-16, and earlier, he had a press conference where he mentioned that the person he missed most at the moment was BamBam.

This isn’t the first time Jay B’s mentioned BamBam during his solo promotions. In another interview where Jay B was asked about the growth of GOT7 after they got back together after working on solo promotions for a while, Jay B chose BamBam as the member who grew the most. While BamBam is known for his humorous and chaotic personality, he’s also a man full of responsibility, talent, and hard work, and Jay B makes sure all sides of BamBam are praised.

They’re also in constant communication with each other. Whether it’s for a special project (or so Ahgases hope) or just to keep in touch, it’s clear that BamBam and Jay B spend a lot of time together, even when they’re apart, making their friendship even stronger.

Like all of GOT7, no matter where they are in the world, their hearts are in the same place, leading to this heartwarming moment where BamBam performed “NANANA” in Bangkok the same night Jay B performed the song in Manila.

Jay B and BamBam’s friendship always puts a smile on Ahgases’ faces, and we can’t wait to see what sweetness and chaos will ensue when the two reunite.


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