GOT7’s Jay B Reveals Why He Decided To Start Speaking On Mental Health

He didn’t take his decision lightly.

Recently, during a “What’s In My Bag?”-style interview with Arena, GOT7‘s Jay B pulled out prescription medication for panic attacks and depression, revealing his struggles. Since then, he has been outspoken about mental health.

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In a new interview with W Magazine, Jay B explained why he decided to speak up about this topic that is still taboo in South Korea. He didn’t take the decision lightly, but he knew that ultimately he could help others just as others had helped him.

It is not a light issue, to open up your mind and to understand that people are going through this. I realized the difficulties I was enduring, but I wanted to hide… Then I realized I had friends I could open up to. I could start facing my challenges.

— Jay B

He hopes that through his speaking out that people will become more sensitive and cautious about mental health and that ultimately everyone may be happier.

My wish is for everyone to be healthy, and for anyone who does not understand mental health awareness to be softer and more caring. That is what inspired me to open up about my struggles—so that everyone could find happiness…

— Jay B

Jay B also gave some self-care tips to encourage a healthier lifestyle that will impact you both physically and mentally, such as going for a stroll.

Even though we’re all wearing masks, go outside, get some sunlight, take a walk. When a really hard day comes, close your eyes and think about everyone that loves you, your friends or your family. Start a hobby. I’m learning the art of tea.

— Jay B

Whether it’s going for a walk or making a cup of tea, do relaxing activities that you enjoy. Especially if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, reach out to someone as well.

Source: W Magazine and Image


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