GOT7’s Jay B Reveals Why He Cried While Singing “Rocking Chair” At His “NOSTALGIC” Fancon

His heart is so full of love.

In an interview before GOT7‘s Jay B guested on Youngjae‘s Best Friend, Jay B was asked why he cried while singing “Rocking Chair” during a concert. The question referred to the first time Jay B sang “Rocking Chair” at his NOSTALGIC Fancon back in June.

Jay B shared that at the time, he had been busy arranging and executing promotions for GOT7, and on top of all the busyness, his close friends were going through difficult times. He wrote “Rocking Chair” as a song to comfort those who were tired and weary, and at the concert, as soon as he remembered all the struggles he and his friends were going through, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

When I was organizing GOT7’s promotions, and while working on this song, my friends were in a difficult situation, so I wanted to sing for them, so I got to relate to them.

— Jay B

MBC Radio/YouTube

Jay B shared that his emotions had been more under control when he was recording the song and listening to the mix and master versions.

He did cry a couple of times, but he didn’t think he would still be so affected when he performed “Rocking Chair” live.

If you look at the English translation of the lyrics, it’s easy to see why this song brings people to tears. Jay B perfectly encapsulates the everyday weariness that many can relate to, and he offers solace and comfort in those lonesome times.

However, Jay B doesn’t think he’ll cry while singing the song again — or at least he’ll try not to.

Crying while singing is fine and nothing to be ashamed of, but as a singer, he thought he should at least sing well while crying. However, during his NOSTALGIC “Rocking Chair” performance, Jay B couldn’t even sing coherently due to his tears. As a performer, it makes sense why this can’t happen every time he sings, and now that he’s released his emotions, he can perform the song calmly while comforting all who listen.

You can listen to “Rocking Chair” here: