GOT7’s Jay B, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, And NCT’s Haechan Wore The Sweater But Served Completely Different Vibes

They all look so good!

Fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving around the world, and K-Pop idol fashion is no different. As certain looks rise in popularity, many idols can be spotted wearing similar or even the same outfits for both official schedules and in their own personal fashion.

Three male idols who once served different vibes while wearing the same outfit are GOT7‘s Jay B, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi, and NCT‘s Haechan. The three all have very unique styles so it was very interesting to see how each of them made it work!

GOT7’s Jay B | @dreamradio_jhs/Instagram
NCT’s Haechan 
SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi | Weverse

All three of these idols wore the same sweater for official schedules including album and magazine shoots! It’s worth noting that while the idols have drastically different looks, the sweater complimented and worked for all of them.

Jay B, Hoshi, and Haechan all wore the jumper created by CMMN SWDN, a brand currently popular among idols. The sweater is called the Elton Crochet Jumper Orange Stripe, costs around 480 USD, and is available in two colors.

Elton Crochet Jumper Orange Stripe | CMMN SWDN

The first to show up wearing the sweater was Jay B, who wore the sweater for GOT7’s “NaNaNa” music video. The sweater was complemented by a pair of loose jeans that feature what looked like tan cargo shorts in the front. Jay B also chose to wear a white t-shirt under the sweater.

| GOT7/YouTube

As someone who is known for dressing comfortably no matter the circumstance, this outfit worked perfectly for Jay B and added to the warm and happy feeling of the group’s music video.

| GOT7/YouTube

Next to wear the sweater was NCT’s gorgeous vocalist Haechan. Haechan wore the sweater as the cover model for star1 Magazine‘s July 2022 issue.

NCT’s Haechan 

While he wore many outfits for the shoot, fans seemed to love the orange striped sweat the most. Haechan’s pink hair only contributed to how the top seemed to make him glow.  This time the sweater was also paired with blue jeans as well as a simple necklace with pops of blue color. Haechan gave off a soft and sexy vibe throughout this magazine shoot.

| star1 Magazine/YouTube

Last but not least, Hoshi was the most recent of the three to rock this sweater. Hoshi wore this sweater in his teasers for SEVENTEEN’s Sector 17 repackage album.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Hoshi paired the sweater with a pair of brown shorts and bright yellow socks and sneakers, matching the bright vibe of the “_World” music video. Unlike the other two, Hoshi did not wear a shirt under the sweater.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

The sweater is even featured in several of Hoshi’s official photocards for the album!

| debbie8/Mercari

It seems like all three were able to wear the same sweater in different ways that matched the theme they were going for perfectly. Jay B, Haechan, and Hoshi all rocked the comfy look and made it their own!

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