GOT7’s JB Admitted He Had Slept Through Many Days Of School Growing Up…Until His Dad Caught Him

He was never late again!

Waking up early in the morning to get ready for work or for school is one of the most difficult things to do especially when you’re just not ready to say goodbye to sleep. And it turns out that it was even hard for GOT7‘s JB during his schooldays, that is, until his dad caught him!


Yugyeom and JB were reliving some of their childhood memories during their episode of GOT2DAY when they suddenly got on the topic of school. Yugyeom started it off by revealing that when he was in first grade he didn’t understand the point of school…

When I was in the first grade I didn’t understand why we had to go to school.

— Yugyeom


So he would randomly come home in the middle of the day! And that went on for a few days until Yugyeom finally settled into going to school!

So I remember my mom sending me to school but I came back after the first class was over. I asked her, ‘Why do I have to go? Why do I have to stay?’ She would have to send me back every time I came back and that lasted a couple of days!

— Yugyeom


Once Yugyeom had shared his own act of school rebellion, JB decided to share his own. While first-grader Yugyeom would sneak home after completing a class, JB would simply sleep through his classes!


Because his parents would leave early in the morning they would call JB to wake him up.

My parents worked in the fields so they left the house early in the morning, so they would call me to wake me up. But when I was younger my voice didn’t get hoarse at all.

— JB


The only problem, JB didn’t really get up!

I’d sound alert when I picked up the phone and tell them I was getting ready for school.

— JB


While JB got away with it for a while, once his report card came out and pointed out his absences from class, his dad started to get suspicious.

But later on, when we got our report cards it said I was absent. The number of unannounced absences was… When my father saw it, he was suspicious and said, ‘Didn’t you go to school?’ and I said, ‘I did I was just a little late.’

— JB


And with his suspicions raised, JB’s dad decided to keep a close eye on JB’s morning habits without alerting JB himself!

So my father got a little suspicious of me and one day I got my phone call and said I was on my way and went right back to sleep. Suddenly I felt my body get up like this and I was so confused. My father was watching our front door and he felt like I wasn’t on my way so he came home and saw me asleep!

— JB


And when JB was well and truly caught by his dad, well, JB was never late for school again!

I got up in an instant and when I saw my father I immediately said, ‘Alright, I’ll go to school now.’ But he said, ‘You don’t have to. You can come out to the fields with me.’ So I said, ‘No, I’ll go to school!’ That’s when I started to get up early to go to school.

— JB


In JB’s defense though, getting up is never easy! Check out the moment as well as many more below: