GOT7’s JB Was Asked How His Shoulders Got So Wide And His Answer Was So JB

Fans can’t help LOLing over JB’s answer:

With a permanent spot as a member of the “shoulder gangster” squad, GOT7 JB‘s broad and masculine shoulders have made many a fan swoon.


Even his fellow members have pointed out his wide shoulders, calling them wider than the Han river!


But when fans asked JB how his shoulders reached their swoon-worthy state, his answer was so JB that fans couldn’t help cracking up.


GOT7 recently had a ton of fun interacting with fans and answering some questions during their fansign event and one of the questions just so happened to be about JB’s ocean wide shoulders. Fans wanted to know why JB’s shoulders are so wide and JB came back with a very simple answer…water.

I gave them water!

— JB


The completely JB answer has fans cracking up, especially since his answer is making everyone think of watering plants so they grow! Of course, fans are also having a little fun with JB’s answer too!


From Jackson’s rice to JB’s water, looks like GOT7 are dropping their visual secrets one after the other!