GOT7’s JB Encouraged BamBam To Go Shirtless Sometime But It Backfired On Him

He probably should have seen it coming:

GOT7‘s JB might have thought he was doing something good for Ahgase when he encouraged BamBam to go shirtless during a concert sometime, but shortly after the words left his mouth his suggestion ended up backfiring on him.


In between teasing sessions on their episode of GOT2DAY, BamBam decided it would be the perfect time to have some fun with his GOTOON doll which included a little bit of undressing.


Seeing BamBam undress his doll, however, also reminded JB of something BamBam had said in the past. That something had to do with BamBam himself going shirtless!


BamBam, meanwhile, revealed he had taken off his shirt during his solo fanmeeting in Thailand. But his solo fanmeeting wasn’t enough according to JB!


He began encouraging BamBam to do it at a concert sometime and told him to be completely confident! After all that encouragement, BamBam was ready to confidently do what JB had said.


His agreement, however, immediately had JB feeling nervous and with good reason! Because although BamBam agreed to confidently take off his shirt, he had a different venue in mind for the big reveal!


Well, he did tell BamBam to be confident and that’s exactly what BamBam promised! Check out the moment JB’s encouragement backfired below: