GOT7’s JB Reveals That He Changed The Way He Holds His Chopsticks Because Of An Actress

JB spent an entire day trying to change the way he uses his chopsticks.

In a recent Instagram live, GOT7‘s JB revealed that he changed the way he holds his chopsticks due to an actress.


In the live broadcast, JB was asked if he ever “fanboyed” over a movie.

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JB then revealed that when he was a student, he loved the movie Collage of Our Lives.

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Collage of Our Lives

JB shared that he had recently watched the movie again, and while looking at actress Ryōko Hirosue, he started remembering how he used to have a crush on her.

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Ryōko Hirosue was the reason why JB changed the way he uses his chopsticks! JB revealed that in the past, he held his chopsticks in an “uncommon” way.

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When JB was watching the way Ryōko Hirosue was using her chopsticks in Collage of Our Lives, he told himself that he was going to use his chopsticks just like her. JB spent an entire day trying to master the method, and he was ultimately successful! Looking back, JB questions why he even did this.

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Here’s the full video below!


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