GOT7’s JB Confirmed His Nose Piercing Is Real And Ahgase Are Loving The New Look

This is not a drill! It’s real!

From the very first time fans caught sight of GOT7‘s JB wearing a nose piercing, they were hooked. With each new sighting of the look, many fans have been crossing their fingers that someday JB would make it permanent by actually getting a real piercing instead of his faux one and now he has!


A few days ago, after JB was yet again spotted with a small silver stud in his nose, Ahgase were 99% sure that JB had actually had it pierced and pretty soon that final 1% of doubt disappeared as JB himself confirmed the news through a recent livestream.


During the stream, JB not only announced his piercing was real but he even slightly pushed on it to prove it!


JB also opened up about how painful that particular piercing was…

The piercing didn’t hurt that much. It stung a little but it was quick. Maybe I teared up a little bit?

— JB


And even opened up about his thoughts on potentially getting a tattoo!

As for a tattoo, I want to get one but I’m going to think about it more. Of course, everyone probably gets a tattoo to remember something but I want to think about it more. If I find something that means a lot to me, then I’ll get one.

— JB


Right after JB made the announcement, Ahgase went wild showering JB and his new nose stud a whole lot of love. From there, it hasn’t slowed down one bit as JB has blessed us all with even more opportunities to see his new look!


Need even more of JB’s heart-fluttering visuals featuring his brand new nose piercing? We’ve got you covered! You can check out more of his intense and sexy visuals below: