Here’s GOT7 JB’s Habit That Ended Up Frightening Sunmi

Sunmi was once scared of JB?!

Sunmi and GOT7‘s JB were once labelmates at JYP Entertainment, and it seems that he had quite an impression on her.

In 2014, some of the artists at JYP Entertainment were doing a broadcast through Naver‘s Starcast, and during the broadcast, Sunmi shared that she’s a bit scared of JB. The reason why is that when JB greets someone, he tends to look straight at their face, which Sunmi finds intimidating.

JB was a bit surprised by Sunmi’s statement and explained that he tends to do this since he wants to show respect to his seniors.

Sunmi also added that whenever she meets JB, it always looks as if he is mad since he’s so serious.

JB once again explained that he tends to greet people seriously since he thinks that it’s more polite and relaxing when compared to him greeting with a smile.

Here’s the full video below!