IGOT7s Were Expecting “Dream High” JB At The Saint Laurent Show But Got “Hot Damn” JB Instead

Raise your hand if “hot damn” JB left you feeling very attacked!

Sometimes what you get isn’t what you were expecting, and for IGOT7’s they definitely the best kind of unexpected surprise at Saint Laurent‘s recent event!


When Saint Laurent dropped the VIP list for their Saint Laurent SS20 Menswear Show, fans couldn’t have been happier to see JB among those listed! But there was one thing about the photo posted that had fans cracking up. The picture wasn’t recent, instead, it was from JB’s time on Dream High!


With this picture on display, many fans joked that they were expecting JB to go full-throwback at the event. While fans didn’t really think JB would go Dream High mode, they were not prepared for what they got.


At the event, Dream High JB was replaced by hot damn JB!


JB’s visuals were so off the charts at the event that he soon had everyone fanning themselves…


And desperately grabbing for an ice cold drink!


JB’s hot damn looks left many fans feeling breathless…


And seriously attacked!


Although Dream High JB would have been fun, absolutely nobody is complaining about hot damn JB making an appearance at the event!


And really, who would!