GOT7’s JB Got Really Into Their “Lion Boy” Performance And Jinyoung’s Reaction Said It All

King of king JB!

GOT7 recently kicked off their 2019 Japan Our Loop tour in Kobe where they not only had tons of fun with fans but brought some serious heat too. Especially when it came to their “Lion Boy” stage! And even more so when JB showed just how into the performance he was!


As GOT7 were showing off their kingly side, JB found the perfect opportunity to declare he was the king…and he made sure that everyone heard!


Meanwhile, his members couldn’t handle his extreme king declaration. Mark and BamBam couldn’t hide their smiles…


While Jinyoung literally stopped and stared at JB!


But that’s not all Jinyoung did. With the gauntlet now thrown, Jinyoung couldn’t let JB be the one and only king and shouted out his own king position when the time was right!


With Jinyoung’s answering king shouts, BamBam couldn’t keep help cracking up…


Neither could Jinyoung himself…


And neither could Ahgase either!


Kings of the stage and kings of putting a smile on everyone’s face!