GOT7’s JB Kept Doing Aegyo And His Members Really Couldn’t Handle It

Jackson and BamBam definitely couldn’t take his aegyo!

As the sexy and chic leader of GOT7, JB hasn’t always been thrilled with tossing that side of himself aside to bring out his cuteness through some aegyo. It’s not uncommon for Ahgase to see JB either begrudging perform the cute routine or even completely ignore fans’ requests to do it!


But when GOT7 performed in Santiago, Chile, things took an unexpected turn in the aegyo department! When Ahgase asked JB to perform some aegyo he didn’t hesitate for a second to do so even if he was a little shy about it!


When his members saw Jinyoung had to give him a handshake…


While Jackson and BamBam were totally slayed by it!


But once wasn’t enough and after Jackson started cheering JB on to do some more, he obliged…


Causing Jackson and BamBam to react like this!


All in all, JB stunned everyone with his flawless aegyo and his willingness to do so! But what else do we expect from our cute-sexy leader!