GOT7’s JB Might Not Think He’s Cute But Fans Are Convinced He Is

Sexy or cute? You decide!

Every IGOT7 knows that GOT7‘s JB doesn’t really like to be called cute. Even from the very beginning he’s avoided the term and has always referred to himself as the chic leader of the group.


But fans have a hard time not referring to JB as cute even if he doesn’t exactly like it.


Even his own members can’t help but comment on his adorableness!

Since JB’s chic persona wasn’t stopping Ahgases from calling his cute, he’s tried taking a different route by saying that he’s not cute but sexy.

While fans totally agree that JB is sexy…

They just can’t agree with the idol that he’s not cute!

And it’s honestly hard not to side with Ahgases when JB acts like this…

Or this!

So even though JB is sexy and fans know it, they also can’t help but call him cute too!

Perhaps one day JB will understand that he’s both sexy and cute!