GOT7’s JB Pretending To Be An Ahgase At GOT7’s Fan Meeting Is All Too Cute

JB is GOT7’s cutest fanboy.

At GOT7‘s recent fan meeting, JB decided to interact with Ahgases by grabbing a seat among the fans. The way JB pretended to be a fanboy at his very own fan meeting is now leaving GOT7 fans UWU-ing hard!


Before the fan meeting event officially began, JB was spotted mixed in with the fans and pretending to be a part of the group. As fans began to make small conversations with him, JB answered like he is GOT7’s fanboy there to watch the fan meeting too!


JB told the fans that he stans each and every member of GOT7. When the UWU-ing Ahgases asked JB what his favorite GOT7 songs are though, JB cheekily answered that he likes “Growl” (by EXO) and “VERY NICE” (by SEVENTEEN). Fans couldn’t help but fall in love with how silly JB is – and how he didn’t mind joking around with the fans this up close and personal.


In fact, JB blended in so well with the fans that when BamBam passed by, he thought JB was really a fan. BamBam was caught on camera bowing to JB and the other fans –ย  completely clueless to the fact that his fellow member is sitting right there!

Youngjae played along with JB’s role-playing. Youngjae came over to JB and called him a “cutie”. Youngjae asked, “What’s your ticket number?” JB answered #101. To that, Youngjae pointed out that JB won’t have a chance to receive the members’ autographs because he’s not a part of the 100 fans eligible to participate in the fan meeting. JB looked disappointed – but he told Youngjae that he’ll still support the team!

JB: I’ll keep supporting you guys!
Youngjae: Okay, thanks!


GOT7 has always been kings of “fan service”, or their affectionate actions toward their fans, but this cute moment created by JB really topped it all. Ahgases had a blast at the fan meeting, seeing JB up close, interacting with him, and eventually getting his autograph too!

Source: THEQOO