JB Had To Rank GOT7’s Sexiness And The Results Are Cracking Everyone Up

The results were so JB!

With seven incredibly handsome and it’s always been impossible for fans to rank the members of GOT7 in terms of sexiness, but when JB had to rank the members, well, hilarity ensued!


During a recent fan meeting, JB was tasked with ordering the members sexiness. While JB considered in which order to put his members and started telling Ahgases his rank…

Fifth place is Mark, sixth place is Youngjae…

— JB


Fans noticed that there was nobody placed in the seventh spot!

What about 7th place?

— Ahgase


When they pointed this out to JB, he had the most brilliant answer of them all. There was no seventh spot! Instead, JB himself was ranked in spot no. 0 making him the sexiest of them all!

Ah, there is no 7th place! Because I’m in 0 place!

— JB


JB’s response has been cracking fans up especially since they know how much he’s always asking fans to call him sexy instead of cute!


There’s no doubt that his answer was pure JB, but what do you expect from everyone’s favorite cute-sexy leader!