GOT7’s JB Revealed The Hilarious Story Behind His Iconic Graduation Photo

His photo wasn’t like he had originally imagined:

Although most people would love for their embarrassing photos from the past to remain in the past, GOT7‘s JB willingly brought up the subject of his iconic graduation photo and even revealed the hilarious story behind it.


While Jinyoung and JB talked about everything from snacks to JUS2 during their episode of GOT2DAY, they also touched base on some of their past hairstyles that caused them some major regret. Jinyoung’s story began with an act of rebellion against his teachers…

I have something to tell you. About hairstyles. Teachers did not allow their students to keep their hair long at the time. My friends and I got together to do something to face off against the teachers.

— Jinyoung


Which ended with a half buzz cut that ended up making his teachers way happier than Jinyoung or his friends could have predicted!

We had a half buzz cut. The teacher was like… He loved that!

— Jinyoung


After hearing Jinyoung’s own hair troubles, JB decided to share some of his own. Specifically, about his graduation photo! JB first began by explaining that bowl cuts were the big fashion at the time.

It was a hot summer. Many students wore a bowl cut then, you know, you cut your bangs straight.

— JB


Thanks to a particularly hot summer, however, JB wanted to ditch his longer locks in favor of a much shorter look.

I said to my friends that I wanted to shave my head. We talked about my graduation photobook…

— JB


But knowing that he would need to be taking graduation photos sometime, JB was hesitant to get the big chop. After talking with his friends and hearing that the photos weren’t taken until fall, JB decided it was the perfect time to just go for the shorter hairdo.

My friends were like, ‘It’s still summer. I think we will take photos in the fall.’ So I shaved my head.

— JB


Unfortunately for JB, his friends were very wrong about when the photos would be taken!

I went to school and it was the day for taking graduation photos. So I was like… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I asked my friends and they said they were wrong!

— JB


Although JB might not have been completely in style with his shaved look for his graduation photo, there’s no denying his sexy-cute side shone brightly in the pic! Check out more of Jinyoung and JB’s hairstyle stories and more in the video below: