GOT7 Snuck All Sorts Of Goodies Into JB’s Shopping Cart And He Had No Idea Until It Was Too Late

Way too late!

As the leader of GOT7, JB certainly has his hands full keeping his energetic and mischevious members in check. But sometimes even he misses some things, like say, his members putting all sorts of goodies into his shopping cart when he isn’t looking!


In the latest TOURLOG episode, GOT7 flew to Dallas and made a pit stop at a Korean market to stock up on some tasty items for a special BBQ they had planned back at their hotel.


And since JB just so happened to have the company card, his members joked that he was going to buy everything in the store for them!


Although JB put an end to that idea, little did he know that his members had some tricks up their sleeves to walk away with some extra food! From Jinyoung stealthily adding in some spicy noodles…


To Youngjae snagging some refreshing mints…


JB had no idea what his members were getting until it was too late. Like all the way back at the hotel too late! As JB was unbagging all the BBQ goodies, he stumbled on the mints and was pretty confused by their presence.


Then he got to the spicy noodles and was even more surprised to see them!


And when he got to the beondegi (silkworm pupa), well, he just wasn’t that surprised anymore!


Now who’s going to tell him, Jinyoung may have snuck a couple more items in the cart?


Watch even more of their stealthy tricks to get even the items into JB’s shopping cart below: