GOT7’s JB Turned Into A Little Kid When He Discovered His Book Was Also A Light

His reaction is so soft!

When GOT7‘s JB realized that his book was also a light, he turned into a little kid and made everyone feel incredibly soft.


During a recent GOT7 fan event, JB was gifted a very unique item from a fan. While it appeared to be a simple book at first glance, when opened it revealed itself to be a special light. And when JB discovered the book’s secret…well…he couldn’t hide his amazement!


After the first flip through the book, JB just couldn’t put it down and continued to thumb through its pages…


And just had to show it to Jinyoung, who was sitting right next to him!


No matter how many times JB opened the book light, his child-like wonder never diminished!



Ahgases have been finding JB and his reaction to his book light soft…




And absolutely adorable! And we couldn’t agree more!