GOT7’s JB Left Everyone Feeling Attacked On So Many Levels With His Airport Visuals

Oof! My heart was not prepared for this!

With many iconic airport fashion moments to his name, fans are 1000% sure GOT7‘s JB just added another to his list of legendary looks!


GOT7 were recently spotted at Incheon International airport. While all of the members were bringing some serious visual game, in his fitted jacket, shirt, and jeans, JB had everyone’s heart skipping a beat.


Dressed completely in a fitted Yves Saint Laurent outfit, JB brought some serious heat.


As JB normally goes for a looser look, Ahgase everywhere were feeling very overwhelmed by the fitted clothes.


But that’s not the only reason JB had fans feeling seriously attacked! JB’s longer locks had fans feeling very breathless.


Add in his nose piercing and it was pretty much over for all of us!


The fitted look, the nose piercing, the longer locks, and JB’s signature cute-sexy visuals. JB certainly didn’t hold back with this look!


Oof! There’s no doubt this is 100% going on his list of legendary looks!