GOT7 Yugyeom’s Pants Split On Stage And What JB Did Next Left Fans Cheering

His quick thinking saved Yugyeom:

Ahgases are applauding GOT7‘s JB for the way he handled Yugyeom‘s major wardrobe malfunction onstage!


JB and Yugyeom have been spending time in Taipei for their JUS2 Focus Tour. While they performed, interacted, and had the crowd going wild, the first day of their stop hit a bit of a snag…or rather rip!


As the concert wrapped up, JB and Yugyeom took the stage to perform an encore stage of “Focus On Me”. Everything was going smooth until with one move, Yugyeoms pants split!


While Yugyeom did his best to try and hide the hole, JB quickly noticed and alerted everyone that they needed to stop for a minute.

Wait a minute. Please wait! Music stop! Stop! This is a performance for you guys, but his pants are so badly torn. I saw from behind and it’s really bad. If we could just wait a minute!

— JB


Thanks to JB’s quick decision Yugyeom was able to exit the stage to change his pants and in the meantime, JB had some fun with Ahgases.


And when Yugyeom was able to come back, they began their performance all over again much to the delight of the crowd.


Fans have been applauding both of their reactions to the wardrobe malfunction moment. After all, JB’s thoughtful and quick decision as well as Yugyeom’s own professionalism in the situation are truly reasons to cheer!