GOT7 JB’s Sleep Paralysis Story Terrified Yugyeom But What Came After Was Too Hilarious

JB revealed the rest of the story and had Yugyeom cracking up hard!

If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis, you know it can sometimes be a little scary. Add in some other elements like a door opening while you’re experiencing it or maybe some noises and it sounds like something straight from a horror movie which is exactly what GOT7‘s Yugyeom thought when he heard about JB‘s experience!


JB and Yugyeom recently ushered in the return of JUS2 for their episode of GOT2DAY and during the episode, Yugyeom revealed that for a while he had been experiencing sleep paralysis himself…all because of JB and his own sleep paralysis story.

After listening to JB and his sleep paralysis story, every time I would sleep alone I would get sleep paralysis too.

— Yugyeom


Yugyeom just couldn’t get JB’s story out of his mind…

You were asleep in the living room, the door creaked open, and you said something circled you!

— Yugyeom


And because of that, any time he slept alone he would experience sleep paralysis too!

There were several times I was alone in our dorms after you told us that story and every time I would go to sleep, I would get sleep paralysis too. I seriously couldn’t sleep when I was alone!

— Yugyeom


But it turns out JB’s sleep paralysis story didn’t end where Yugyeom thought it did. JB revealed another detail that when he got up he was surrounded by cats.

When I got up, there were five cats in front of me.

— JB


Where did the cats come from? JB! Turns out JB had brought the cats which meant they were the real culprits behind the creaking door and shadowy encircling figures and when Yugyeom heard, he simply couldn’t help bursting out into laughter!

So, I was like, ‘Huh? Why are there five cats here?’ After thinking about it though, I realized I had brought them!

— JB


Hopefully, Yugyeom will now sleep a little easier knowing that the terrifying sleep paralysis story ended up being the result of some curious kitties!