GOT7’s JB Tried To Thwart Yugyeom’s Spoilers With His Acting Skills And Even Yugyeom Was Impressed

Too bad fans already knew it was a spoiler!

Although JB has been known to drop plenty of spoilers himself, as the leader of GOT7 he’s often been tasked with making sure his fellow spoiler king members don’t give away too many hints about their upcoming projects. With this in mind, JB even went into full-on actor mode in an attempt to thwart Yugyeom‘s lastest spoiler attempts.


JB recently went live to talk with fans and simply have fun. It wasn’t just Ahgase, however, who came to chat. Both Youngjae and Yugyeom made an appearance during his live too!


But it was Yugyeom that ultimately decided JB’s live needed a little extra spice, mainly by way of dropping a spoiler! Starting with a comment that hinted he was filming something!


Then he teased that JB also needed to film later.


Meanwhile, JB acted as if he had no idea what Yugyeom was talking about! And with his acting mode on, even Yugyeom was feeling seriously impressed and commented on it!


But even with JB’s attempts Yugyeom’s spoiler, everyone already knew that’s exactly what it was. If Yugyeom’s sneaky filming reference wasn’t already suspicious enough, Youngjae also denied a group live with JB saying he was filming something too!


Guess there really is no stopping these spoiler kings!