GOT7’s Jinyoung Accidentally Got Sprayed With Water And His Reaction Said It All

He thought he was safely out of the splash zone:

GOT7‘s killer performances are only a single part of what makes up their entire concert experience. Besides jaw-dropping songs, fans are always prepared for some amazing interactions, unforgettable ments, plenty of shenanigans, and of course, huge water fights!


But even if everyone’s expecting to get drenched when they go to GOT7’s concert, sometimes even the members get a surprise soak even when they are not the target which is exactly what happened to Jinyoung at their Los Angeles concert!


During their performance of “Come On”, JB decided it would be the perfect time to through some water out into the crowd and although he made sure he was in front of Jinyoung…


Somehow Jinyoung still ended up in the splash zone! The moment the water hit Jinyoung, he couldn’t help doing a little jump back in surprise while taking in the water’s mark!


Although the surprise water attack caught him off guard, Jinyoung couldn’t keep the smile off his face over the incident…


But he still moved to another part of the stage just in case!


Because who knows where the next water attack will come from!