GOT7’s Jinyoung Was Asked To Do His Trademark Pout And The Result Is Too Much For Our Hearts

My heart was definitely unprepared for so much cuteness!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung knows exactly which attacks work the best to completely destroy Ahgases’ hearts and, unfortunately for our poor hearts, he’s never been shy about launching them!


Especially when it comes to one of his most powerful weapons — his trademark pout!


Whenever Jinyoung launches that particular attack, well, just expect to be completely knocked out! Even though Jinyoung delivers a strong one-two with his adorable pout, fans would never try to dodge it. In fact, one Ahgase was even brave enough to experience it up close!


Jinyoung recently held an autograph fan event in celebration of his new photobook’s release and it was during the signing portion of this event that one Ahgase asked Jinyoung to show her his trademark pout…


And, of course, he did!


Now Ahgase everywhere are not only feeling some major uwu from Jinyoung’s cute pout they’re also 100% sure she’s the luckiest fan to see it upfront!