GOT7’s Jinyoung Helped Clean 2PM Junho’s Cluttered Dressing Room—You Won’t Believe The Things He Found

“First of all, I was embarrassed.”

On the latest episode of I Live Alone, GOT7‘s Jinyoung made a trip to 2PM‘s Junho‘s house, and it didn’t go as expected.

During the episode, Junho showed off his luxurious house and daily routine. Although everything seemed well organized, Junho’s closet was a whole other story. Upon opening the closet, Jinyoung was so shocked that he asked, “What is this?

Hilariously, Before he viewed Junho’s closet, Jinyoung praised Junho for his disciplined and responsible lifestyle.

Embarrassed, Junho explained that his busy schedule has kept him away from organizing. Instead of nicely placing the articles of clothing in his closet, he would just throw them in (which is something we can all relate to).

First of all, I was embarrassed. I really didn’t want to show him my dressing room. But you see…I’ve been really busy (laughs). I’ve been busy…for the past 13 years. When I come home from work I just toss the clothes in there and leave again.

— Junho

Not taking his excuse, Jinyoung rebutted and stated, “That’s what people call an excuse. I’m sorry. I really like him.

Not only were there clothes all over the floor, but there were a lot of clothes in general! Junho informed Jinyoung that “I still have the clothes I got in 2006.” Jinyoung confirmed the age of Junho’s clothes and shared, “It smells like old clothes.”

The hilarious part of it all was that Jinyoung even found several items that one would not traditionally put in their dressing room. Jinyoung found various non-clothing-related items! From trash to a Christmas tree, Junho had it all!

Even with his struggle in not throwing things out, Junho was able to discard several pieces of clothing with the help of Jinyoung. By the end, Jinyoung and Junho were able to clear one section of the dressing room’s floor.

The MCs praised Jinyoung’s organizational skills: “By the way, he’s good at organizing.”


Check out the clip below: