GOT7 Jinyoung’s Drawing Skills Were Called Out By His Sister And Ahgase Can’t Stop Cracking Up

The Park siblings are the best!

There are countless reasons to love GOT7‘s Jinyoung. His voice is pure honey, his dance skills are jaw-dropping, his visuals heart-fluttering, he’s sweet, he’s kind, and he’s sassy just to name a few! But it looks like sassiness runs in the family because Jinyoung’s sister just called out his drawing skills and fans can’t stop laughing!


On September 22, fans all over the world celebrated Jinyoung’s birthday with him. With all those sweet birthday greetings, Jinyoung just blessed fans with a sweet thank you message complete with heart-stopping photo via his Instagram.

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늦었지만 고마워요🐥

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I’m late but thank you.


While Ahgase were melting over the special message from Jinyoung, there was one part of the picture that immediately caught their eye and had them cracking up a little.


Ahgase weren’t the only ones who noticed Jinyoung’s drawing, however. One of Jinyoun’g older sisters, Soo Young, did too! And her reaction to the drawing was not only priceless…


It had Ahgase cracking up hard!


But hey, what are siblings for!

Jinyoung with his sisters Bo Young (left) and Soo Young(right).