Fans Can’t Stop Thanking GOT7 For Sending Jinyoung Food Trucks For One Reason

It isn’t just the show of support that has fans cheering.

GOT7‘s Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, and JB showed some major support for Jinyoung and his He Is Psychometric drama when they sent him food trucks, but it isn’t just the show of support that has left Ahgases cheering!


Back in February, Jackson and 2PM‘s Junho sent two food trucks to support Jinyoung.

Jackson’s food truck to Jinyoung.


Then JB and Yugyeom sent him one along with JYP Actors!


With Mark sending him one most recently!


While fans are 100% down for all the love and support that Jinyoung’s been receiving, there’s actually another reason they’ve been super happy about all the food truck activity. As Jinyoung receives each of the trucks, he not only takes photos…


But he also posts them to his Instagram page!


Jinyoung doesn’t post to his page too frequently so with all the activity thanks to the food trucks, Ahgases feel like they are living the best life!


Jinyoung and his supportive friends are feeding Ahgases well!