GOT7’s Jinyoung Handed A Fan’s Photobook To Staff And Hilarious Confusion Ensued

One mixed-up moment, a lot of confusion, and a whole bunch of pure uwu!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung is no stranger to taking over Twitter. In fact, about a week ago, he took over the site because of his heroic deeds! Now Jinyoung is going viral once again only this time it involves one mixed-up moment, a lot of confusion, and a whole bunch of pure uwu.


With his new photobook now out, Jinyoung recently held an autograph fan event with Ahgase to celebrate. While there were more than enough moments to make fans melt over Jinyoung’s adorable nature, there’s one moment in particular that has captured Ahgases’ attention and even received a special Ahgase edit!


Normally when an idol signs their autograph on an album, photo, or anything else, they hand the item straight back to their fan, right? Well, during the autograph portion of Jinyoung’s event, he signed the photobook, continued talking to the fan, and promptly handed it back…to a staff member!


With the photobook in now in his hands, the staff member definitely looked a more than a little confused as to why he was now holding the precious photobook.


Not to worry though because quickly enough Jinyoung realized the book was in the staff member’s hand and with a little pout that seemed to say, “Why do you have the book?” he passed it back to the fan.


With the crisis now averted, Jinyoung was able to finish up his time with the Ahgase with a huge smile on his face.


Although Jinyoung might have finished up his time with the fan, Ahgase haven’t finished with the clip yet! It’s been taking over everyone’s feed and filling it with pure Jinyoung cuteness…


And absolutely no one is complaining!