GOT7’s Jinyoung Shares How His Experiences As An Idol And As An Actor Have Positively Influenced Each Other

Being an actor and being an idol don’t have to be separate paths.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung has been balancing being an idol and being an actor ever since his debut. For many, these careers are two separate. While Jinyoung used to think the same, he now believes that his experiences as an idol have positively influenced his growth as an actor and vice versa.

The conversation first arose after Jinyoung addressed a question asking about the difference between his acting debut in Dream High 2 and his idol debut with JJ Project.

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Jinyoung shared that he was more nervous about his debut with JJ Project than in Dream High 2 because he had spent a long time preparing for JJ Project, and for Dream High 2, he hadn’t had many thoughts about himself as an actor. The Jinyoung at the time saw the acting project as an experience rather than a serious role. While Jinyoung feels sorry for his previous colleagues for treating Dream High 2 less seriously, we also have to remember that he was only 19 (18 in international age). Juggling two different paths is difficult for anyone, and while Jinyoung now does so wonderfully, for the younger Jinyoung, debuting as a singer was his focus.

Jinyoung then explained that since so many of his seniors have paved the way for being successful as both a singer and an actor, Jinyoung has confidence that he can do the same.

To him, acting and singing are no longer separate but work together with great synergy, helping him grow no matter which path he’s currently focused on.

Jinyoung’s answer to the following question provided an example of this positive relationship.

How has working abroad as GOT7 affected your acting career?

Jinyoung expressed that when you go abroad, you meet many people from various cultures and with different characteristics. His experience with touring helped him expand his understanding of people and the different perspectives that exist, thus opening up his own worldview.

If it weren’t for the times he went abroad, Jinyoung believes he wouldn’t be able to empathize with people as well as he does now. As an actor, this would have been limiting or even detrimental, so it’s clear why Jinyoung’s experiences as a singer and actor have positively influenced each other.

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