GOT7’s Jinyoung, Jackson, And Yugyeom Went For A Late-Night Workout And We Are Not Okay

Who allowed them to do this to our hearts?

GOT7 recently landed in New York and in only a few short hours after landing, they completely destroyed us all with a single live!


Although they had just touched down in New York a few hours earlier, Jackson, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom decided to surprise fans with a special late-night workout livestream. And from the moment the live began, Ahgases knew they were in some serious trouble!


As they started their workout, everyone was already experiencing the symptoms of HOT7…erm, we mean…GOT7 fever!


And as they continued working out, the symptoms only got worse as the cameraman continued to zoom in on their muscles…


And Jackson, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom continued to do things like this to all our hearts!


Even though it was Jackson, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom doing the workout, fans everywhere were definitely feeling the effects of it too!


Well, since we’ve already caught GOT7 fever, we’ll be here rewatching the live to…um…monitor our symptoms. You know, scientific research and all that!