GOT7’s Japan Staff Blog Posted Photos Of Jinyoung That Were So Heavily Edited Fans Couldn’t Recognize Him

Even long-time fans had a hard time recognizing him:

Although many photos of K-Pop idols go through a bit of editing whether they’re press photos or fan photos, normally only small adjustments like fixes to the lighting or changes in color variation are made. But some recent photos of GOT7‘s Jinyoung have recently been going viral because they were so heavily edited fans had a hard time recognizing him.


GOT7 have recently been touring and promoting in Japan after their release of their Japanese EP, Love Loop. As they’ve been bringing the fire to the stage and setting hearts ablaze through their various events, fans have gotten to see plenty of behind-the-scenes content thanks to IGOT7 Japan Mobile and the mobile sites’ staff blog.


Unfortunately, the staff blog turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. While IGOT7 have gotten plenty of amazing pictures of GOT7, when they saw Jinyoung’s latest photos they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


The photos were from a recent pop-up event and featured a heavily edited version of Jinyoung.


Although some fans think that the photos actually had a filter applied to them rather than having been edited that way, they’re still not in love with them. In fact, many fans admitted they had a hard time recognizing him.


And everyone has been wondering why the filter or editing was used in the first place because Jinyoung’s natural visuals always shine!

Source: The Qoo