GOT7’s Jinyoung Reveals Whether He Would Listen To The Maknaes For A Year Or Spend A Year With Mark

Jinyoung gave a hilarious explanation for his answer!

In a recent interview with STAR KOREA, GOT7‘s Jinyoung hilariously answered many questions.

GOT7’s Jinyoung

One of the questions Jinyoung got asked was if he would rather spend a year listening to the energetic maknaes (Yugyeom and BamBam) talk or if he would rather spend a year with Mark, who is generally quiet.

GOT7’s BamBam (Left) & Yugyeom (Right)
GOT7’s Mark

Jinyoung ended up picking the first choice! Jinyoung explained that the members have a little inside joke that talking with Mark is like talking with a concrete wall since Mark is so quiet!

| W KOREA/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!