GOT7’s Jinyoung Wanted To Show Off His Artwork To Mark But It Was Harder Than He Thought

Jinyoung just wanted some art appreciation!

GOT7 recently stopped at the LINE Store in New York where they melted hearts with their greeting to fans and interactions with the Line Friends characters!


While at the store, GOT7 went live to greet even more fans and after greeting fans all over the world, there was one member who couldn’t help showing his excitement over the giant bear behind them!


And once he’s seen his new bear friend, Jinyoung couldn’t help having some fun with him! In fact, as the other members continued to talk to fans on camera, Jinyoung was spotted in the back making some finger doodles on the bear!


When he was done with his drawing, Jinyoung wanted to show it off to Mark. The only problem was catching his attention!


Jinyoung’s attempts at showing off his cute art ended up timing up perfectly with GOT7’s livestream sign off which meant Jinyoung had to wait for the goodbye!


But eventually, he was able to catch Mark’s attention and showed off his artwork!


Fans have been absolutely melting over the adorable doodling Jinyoung and his determination to show his artwork off to his hyung!


Not to mention Mark’s reaction to the doodle and Yugyeom‘s too!


Now we’re off to admire Jinyoung’s cute doodle some more!