GOT7’s Jinyoung Reveals Which Member’s Pet He Would Like To Live As

Jinyoung believes life would be comfortable if he lived as this member’s pet.

In a recent interview with W KOREA, GOT7′s Jinyoung revealed which member’s pet he would like to live as. Jinyoung originally said that he would like to live as Mark‘s dog, Milo.

| W KOREA/YouTube 
GOT7 Mark’s dog, Milo

Jinyoung quickly changed his answer and said that he would like to live as one of BamBam‘s cats!

| W KOREA/YouTube
One of GOT7 BamBam’s cats, Latte | @bambam1a/Instagram 

Jinyoung explained that BamBam has a “luxurious lifestyle” and believes that he would be able to live comfortably if he was BamBam’s cat.

| W KOREA/YouTube

When asked which member’s pet is “the least favorable option,” Jinyoung said he wouldn’t want to live as Yugyeom‘s dog. Jinyoung explained that Yugyeom’s dog wags his tail to everyone and that he wouldn’t want to be an “easy dog.”

| W KOREA/YouTube
GOT7’s Yugyeom and his dog Dalkyum | @yu_gyeom/Instagram 

Here’s the full video below!