GOT7’s Jinyoung Proved He Is A True Pro With His Smooth AF Response To A Mic Problem

Jinyoung’s mic adjustment was beyond smooth!

A few days ago, GOT7 performed their latest hit “ECLIPSE” on Music Core. While they certainly left the crowd going wild with their flawless performance, it was Jinyoung‘s super smooth reaction to his mic problem that left everyone cheering.


Throughout the song, all of the members left the crowd gasping for breath with their amazing performance.


As the song continued, however, fans were quick to notice that Jinyoung seemed to be having some difficulty with his microphone. During one part of the song when Jinyoung moves off camera, he could be seen making a quick adjustment to his mic on the focus cam.


But it wasn’t this fix that has been driving everyone wild. As the choreography once again became more intense, Jinyoung ever so discreetly took the microphone off before adjusting it just right!


The movement was so smooth that if you blinked, you probably missed it!

Here’s a slowed down version in case you did! 


After seeing Jinyoung’s super smooth moves, fans have been applauding him for his professionalism and quick thinking!


Check out Jinyoung’s smooth AF adjustment in the video below around the 3-minute and 16-second mark!