GOT7 Jinyoung’s Fan Meeting Had A Surprise Guest…A Shoebill Stork

Well…technically a shoebill cosplayer!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung just headed to Thailand for his He Is Psychometric fan meeting and while many fans showed up for the event, there was also a surprise guest…a shoebill stork!


Well…technically someone dressed up as a shoebill stork!


Although the official fandom name of GOT7 is IGOT7, fans have claimed the cute Ahgase nickname which means baby bird. And according to Jinyoung, Ahgase are specifically shoebill storks!


Fans have been playing with their new shoebill identity and have dove straight in with plenty of plushies and shoebill gifts for Jinyoung. But plushies are one thing and when Ahgase caught sight of the giant Shoebill at Jinyoung’s individual fan meet, they couldn’t believe it!


In the past, many fans had joked that the only way to catch Jinyoung’s attention was to dress up as a shoebill…


And now someone actually did it!


Although the identity of the mysterious shoebill remains a mystery, Ahgase have a few different theories as to who could be in there. Some think that it was Jinyoung coming in with a sneak shoebill attack…


While other fans are convinced that it’s one of their fellow Ahgase and are hoping that Jinyoung saw their creative costume!


No matter who was in the costume, however, everyone is 100% sure that whoever it was was a true hero!