GOT7 Jinyoung’s Reaction To Dropping His Manager’s Phone During His Live Will Make You All Kinds Of Soft

Peak softness levels!

After the release of his new photobook, GOT7‘s Jinyoung has been meeting up with fans through different events with his most recent autograph session melting hearts and leaving fans with all sorts of amazing memories. But there was one moment before the event when Jinyoung went live that didn’t just melt hearts, it made everyone feel every level of soft.


Right before the event, Jinyoung decided to spend some more quality time with Ahgase through a livestream. During one portion of the stream, as he was reading comments and sending out greetings to fans the phone unexpected dropped!


Although Jinyoung was able to quickly upright the device, he was definitely feeling a little bit shy about the accident most likely because, as he revealed, it wasn’t his phone at all!


Seeing Jinyoung’s surprise and adorable apologies to his manager were already bringing new levels of soft but things got even sweeter from there. After issuing some more apologies, Jinyoung was asked whether he was okay and he answered he was…


But he wasn’t so sure about the phone!


With a few more apologetic looks to his manager, Jinyoung made sure there would be no more accidents under his watch and made sure the phone was firmly put into position.


Jinyoung’s accident and subsequent reaction had everyone feeling all sorts of soft and uwu.


Seriously, so cute!