Someone Gave GOT7’s Jinyoung A Shoebill Stork Plushie And Fans Are Living For It

It’s the perfect plushie for Jinyoung!

GOT7‘s Jinyoung got a very special gift from one Ahgase at a recent event and everyone is in complete agreement that it’s the best thing ever!


Although the official fandom name of GOT7 is IGOT7, many fans have taken to GOT7’s cute Ahgase nickname which means baby bird! But what kind of baby bird exactly? Well, according to Jinyoung, Ahgase are shoebill storks!


While fans were a little surprised by Jinyoung’s insistence that they were shoebill storks, after finding out they were loyal, strong, and protective they grew on many fans. In fact, it even led one fan to gift Jinyoung a shoebill plushie at a recent fansign event!


And pretty soon, pictures of Jinyoung with his new plushie were spreading throughout the fandom!


Many fans couldn’t help cracking up over the unique gift…


While other fans couldn’t help putting a creative spin on it!


Regardless, fans are loving Jinyoung and his new shoebill Ahgase plushie and are sending a huge thank you to the fan responsible!