GOT7’s Jinyoung Tried His Hardest To Catch A Fan’s Attention But It Just Didn’t Work

He just wanted the fan to notice him!

While GOT7‘s Jinyoung always commands attention no matter if he’s performing on stage, acting in a drama, or simply being his amazing self, when he attempted to catch one fan’s attention during a recent fan event it just didn’t work no matter what he did!


During the meet and greet portion of a recent event, Jinyoung really wanted to catch the attention of an Ahgase who was currently talking with JB. At first, Jinyoung tried to catch the fan’s attention with a plushie.


As the plushie was ignored, Jinyoung decided that a little bit of plushie play might get the fan to notice him!


When that ultimately didn’t work, Jinyoung pulled out his best weapon yet…his shoebill stork plushie! Knowing that the shoebill represents Ahgase, Jinyoung knew that his bird plushie would save the day.


Only, it didn’t! Instead, the shoebill plushie got the cold shoulder and Jinyoung’s plan for getting the fan’s attention was once again ruined.


But Jinyoung had one more trick up his sleeve, a baby shoebill plushie to match the bigger one!


While the baby shoebill failed to gain the attention of the Ahgase with JB, it did, however, catch the attention of all the other Ahgase present who couldn’t help melting over Jinyoung’s cuteness!


In fact, the fans who were present weren’t the only ones who have been falling in love with the adorable plushie moment!


So even if Jinyoung wasn’t able to catch the attention of the Ahgase he was trying to, he certainly caught everyone else’s!